View Android Photospheres without using a mobile device or uploading them to Google Street View, Google Maps or Google+. It's easy, fast and secure. Try it now!



Viewing Photospheres without a proper Android device can be a real pain, but you have found the right place. Choose a Photosphere and we do the rest!



Photospheres can be huge in size. That's why we load your photos into your browser's local cache only. View them almost instantly. Don't waste your time!



You don't want to share your Photospheres publicly? We care about privacy and don't store any of your personal files on our servers. Promised!

About let's you interactively and instantly view your Android Photospheres without the need to upload them onto Google's servers and share your personal photos with the whole world.

SecureThese days people tend to share everything with everyone, without thinking about the consequences or caring about the people they share personal information with. However, we don't like this idea and want to keep private files private. Speaking explicitly about Photospheres, there was one big downside: Users had no possibility to view the panoramic photos on non-Android devices without sharing them. Now there is. And this was only one of the reasons why we created this website.

  • We wanted to be able to view Photospheres regardless of Google's services.
  • We wanted to keep our photos private.
  • We wanted to view them anywhere at any time.
  • We wanted to view them without using an Android device.
  • We wanted to view other people's Photospheres without copying them on a mobile device.
  • We wanted to give users running older Android versions the chance to view Photospheres as well.

A short introduction...


  • workHow does it work? is based on the amazing work of Joe "kennydude" Simpson, who developed a way to display Photospheres in your browser. Our website is wrapped around his efforts, making it easy for everyone to enjoy fascinating Photospheres within only a few seconds.

  • dnsWill my Photospheres be stored on your server?

    No! The Photospheres are loaded into your browser's local cache only. We do not store any of your images, EXIF data or other private data. Never. Promised.

  • shareHow can I share my Photospheres with family and friends?

    We're sorry, but you can't. Since we focus on your privacy and are not storing your images on our servers, it's simply not possible. Use Google+, Google Maps or Google Street View instead to share your Photospheres with the world.

  • gradeIs this a free service?

    Yes, enjoy it and spread the word if you like it!

  • live_helpHelp! It doesn't work!

    It's most likely that you are using an unsupported browser or OS. currently only works with the desktop versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge on Windows PCs. If you are using a supported browser and still encounter problems, refer to the Help Section or drop us a short email. We'll try to respond as soon as possible.

  • extensionWhat's new in version 2.0?

    In September 2015 we have launched version 2.0 of It offers a complete redesign of the website following the guidelines of Google's Material design on both desktop and mobile devices. Furthermore we have added compatibility for more browsers. Photospheres can now also be viewed on Opera and Microsoft Edge. Last but not least we have massively improved the rendering quality and viewing angle of the photospheres. However, if you liked the old version more, you can switch to v1.0 here.